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SMILE Community Action Agency is always in need of sponsorships to support its activities, programs and events. The success of the Agency’s activities, programs and events often depends on the generosity of businesses and community residents.

Throughout SMILE’s 48-year-old history, mutually beneficial relationships have served all parties, and have helped to make a difference for those involved.

Through sponsorships, the Agency celebrated successful 35th and 40th anniversaries, and has also enjoyed successful Community Luncheons that honor volunteers. Sponsors have also responded to the Connections for Independent Living Expo, which is coordinated by SMILE’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and other local organizations. Hundreds of seniors participate in the annual event in Lafayette.

SMILE is also in need of sponsors for its many programs, particularly for its Head Start and Early Head Start and Family Transitional Shelters. The Agency encourages businesses and individuals to consider adopting a Head Start/Early Head Start Center or a Family Transitional Shelter. If that seems too overwhelming, please consider adopting just one of our Head Start/Early Head Start families, or just one of our homeless families.

Perhaps, during the holidays, a civic organization may wish to sponsor several families, and purchase gifts and other necessities for them.

The Agency welcomes sponsorships for its programs, including its SMILE Homework Center and its Health & Wellness Program.

If you are interested in sponsoring a SMILE activity, program or event, please contact Interim Chief Executive Officer Brenda Foulcard at (337) 234-3272, Ext. 211.

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