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SMILE Community Action Agency is a private, non-profit 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization. As such, all donations to the Agency are tax-exempt.

Its motto of “People Helping People” is at the forefront of all decisions. However, without community support, SMILE cannot operate effectively. In fact, most grants that it applies for require a match to demonstrate community support.

While the Agency welcomes in-kind donations at all times, it has a greater need for financial contributions due to its lack of discretionary funds.

Discretionary monies are needed to serve the public interest with worthwhile activities that may not be allowed through the federal, state or local funding that the Agency receives. For example, individuals and families may be in dire need of services due to an emergency; however, they may be ineligible because their income exceeds the guidelines for programs that SMILE operates. But that doesn’t mean their need is not as valid or vital as someone who meets the income guidelines. This is why discretionary monies are so valuable to the Agency; they enable SMILE to better meet the needs of the community.

You may specify what you want your donation to be used for perhaps, a particular program or parish. We thank you for your consideration.

To donate, please send a check or money order made out to:

SMILE Community Action Agency
P.O. Box 3343,
Lafayette, La. 70502

Or — please feel free to use the Pay-Pal.

Smile Community Action