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Angella McZeal

RSVP Project Director, SMILE Community Action Agency
  • Name : Angella McZeal
  • Occupation : RSVP Project Director
  • Native : Lafayette, La.
  • Resident : Lafayette, La.
  • Hobbies : Listening to music, watching my son play basketball, and sports.

How long have you been working at SMILE?
Since 1999. I started off in Human Resources.

As project director for the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, known as RSVP, what do you like about your job?
I like outreach. I like being in contact with my volunteers. There are two occasions each year when I meet up with the volunteers (as a whole) — Annual Recognition in March and the Expo in November. Most of the times, it’s over the phone, or they might be at their work station. I enjoy hearing when they’re satisfied with the station, and when they’re excited. They’re proud to give back.

RSVP has more than 400 volunteers who are stationed throughout Lafayette. They provide services at such work stations as the Diocese of Lafayette/Bishop’s Service Appeal, Lafayette General Medical Center, Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commmission, Green House and the Lafayette Consolidated Government. Why is RSVP important to the community?
It keeps the community strong. Our volunteers are putting their experience to work even after retirement. It shows the volunteers’ gratitude by giving back, and working with the young and the elderly. RSVP provides strong, experienced, dependable and hardworking individuals who enjoy making a difference.

According to McZeal, she has wanted to work at SMILE ever since she returned home from living in Colorado. She looked forward to following in the footsteps of women at SMILE whom she admired. After volunteering for a couple of weeks, she finally had her dream come true. What does SMILE mean to you?
It’s like my second home. It’s very important to me. SMILE is the strength of the community for a lot of people. It makes me feel proud that we can make a person happy — even if it’s only for a little while.

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