Message from Executive Director Alvin Wiltz

G Executive Wiltzreetings!

Welcome to SMILE's website. Welcome to SMILE's online home. 

Come on in.

We invite you to take a look around, and learn why in South Central Louisiana, we believe in "People Helping People." Our motto is the motto of community action agencies nationwide. 

Since 1968, we have been helping people. Now more than ever, our help is needed. Now more than ever, people are hurting in today's world of layoffs, downsizing, outsourcing, bankruptcies and natural disasters. People - who never dreamed they would be facing unemployment, evictions, foreclosures and crises - welcome the job we do. They understand why we are here. 

We hope you do, too. 

For more than 40 years, Community Action has been making a difference. As a community action agency, so has SMILE. For more than four decades, we have been making a difference in St. Martin, Iberia and Lafayette Parishes, which are located in a region known for its colorful Creole, zydeco and Cajun music, as well as for its spicy cuisine and rich folk traditions. 

Yes, we are indeed rich in culture, but that doesn't stop people from being in need. Remember, need doesn't just mean being poor. Need means having someone there to provide a helping hand. Need means helping people to help themselves. Need means leveraging resources, joining with others to help as many people - as many communities - as you can. 

We ask that you join us. Support us in our endeavors. If you believe in us, please consider making a donation today. Please consider adopting one of our Head Start Centers, or supporting one of our Family Transitional Shelters. Most of our funds are mandated, and therefore, we need discretionary funds. 

View on our pages. Read our history. Enjoy our story. 

Thank you for visiting with us. Come back soon.