Chief Executive Officer - SMILE Community Action Agency
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Chief Executive Officer


A Message from SMILE’s Chief Executive Officer

Poverty is real. That does not mean we should run from it, or get depressed by it, or just pretend it does not exist. Instead we should accept the fact that deep in our communities, there are people hurting. But – the good news is that together, we can do something about it.

There is a reason that SMILE Community Action Agency has been here for 50 years, serving St. Martin, Iberia and Lafayette Parishes. And that reason is that we help people and we change lives.

These combined Annual Reports, covering fiscal years 2015-16 and 2016-17, allow us to share with you the impact of our efforts, building upon a solid 50-year foundation. The reports also provide me with the opportunity to introduce myself as the Interim Chief Executive Officer. I am honored to join this Administrative Team and continue to lead the War on Poverty from the frontline.

I look forward to working with you. I also look forward to leveraging my experience and expertise in community-based and faith-based groups to make an even greater difference. Please join me as SMILE presses forward to embrace the second half of this century that lies before us!

In Solidarity,

Craig A. Mathews

Smile Community Action